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Mary Anne is a Certified Hypnotherapist through The National Guild of Hypnotists, is
registered with The International Association of Medical and Therapeutic Specialists
(IAMTS) and is affiliated with the OPEIU LOCAL #104. Mary Anne is a Certified Reiki
Master Teacher. She is the founder of Hypno-Reiki
TM techniques, which helps to
promote relaxation in hypnosis as well as accelerating individual results. Vibration
Therapy is produced by the use of her specially tuned Angelic Therapy Harps.  Vibration
brings the soul to self realization. She is a Certified Neuro-subliminal Communication
Trainer (the advanced art of body language and beyond).

Mary Anne has been in the Complementary Healing field since 1985 and is the founder
of Angel Directions, a subsidiary of All Directions, in Lake County Illinois where she has
her private practice and has built long lasting relationships with her clients and
students. She also offers her services on a Hospice level helping patients and their
families during challenging times. She is the author of several holistic classes and has
taught people around the world.

Mary Anne teaches others self-empowerment and works with a variety of healing
modalities to help people who wish to improve themselves by strengthening
weaknesses and developing skills to enrich their lives and to meet their full potential.
Her strengths include:

  •    Astonishing insight and intuitive capabilities  
  •    Superior accuracy in measuring the energy field and locating imperfections
  •    Intuitive guidance in creating Innovative Harp Vibration Therapy
           (Aids in de-stressing and balancing dis-ease in the body)
  •    Strong ability to apply proper application(s) to enhance the immune system
  •    Amazing results in increasing confidence levels
  •    Accomplished Professional Speaker / Trainer
  •    Independently assists corporation’s employees with applications to reduce      
    stress, deepen concentration, build confidence and more. . .
  •    Bio-feedback application(s) to measure brain frequency
  •    Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills

Mary Anne is available for professional speaking engagements, classes, workshops,
parties and private consultations.
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